Unique Missile Silo Tours at a Bed and Breakfast

Stay the night somewhere truly unique, in a missile silo that is now a bed and breakfast. Family Scuba Center in Midland, Texas, operates this one-of-a-kind location and offers tours of the facility.

Bed and Breakfast
We are currently taking reservations for our brand new bed and breakfast located at the Dive Valhalla site. Whether you dive with us or not, come and stay at the site, spending the night in the missile silo. Accommodations include:

• Communal Sleeping Quarters with Privacy Screens
• Kitchen
• Large Communal Area
• Plumbed Bathrooms
• Small Private Areas

Silo Tours
Experience what life was like for the crew of a missile silo back in the Cold War. At our site, you learn how the silo was operated, the subsystems in place to prevent nuclear attacks, and what a shut-in lock-down is like during the night. During the lock down, we provide meals and sleeping quarters for you, the guest.

Contact our bed and breakfast to schedule a missile silo tour.